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  • Dr.
    Carl Graves

    Hello, this is Dr. Graves and I would like to take this time to thank you for giving me and everyone else here at Sand Dollar Dental the opportunity to provide you with an amazing experience. Allie, Charlotte, Daphne, Rachel and I are here to do all we can to make your dental experience both informative and productive. With that being said your comprehensive exam will be just that, comprehensive. We are here to inform you of all things related to your oral health, whether that be good or not so good.

    Your exam will begin with a full mouth series of radiographs that will allow us the ability to determine if there is any infections, decay, or other issues that may be hidden from the eye. Then a periodontal evaluation that will allow us to determine the level of periodontal therapy needed for you. There are generally 4 types of periodontal therapies that we will chose from. The first is a prophylaxis or basic cleaning. The second is a prophylaxis with gingivitis, this is a therapy needed when there is moderate inflammation of the gum tissue. The first 2 therapies are considered healthy cleanings and will be repeated every six months. The third and fourth type of therapy are issues related to the gum disease called periodontitis. When diagnosed with either one of the two you have a periodontal infection and will require a different type of cleaning. A procedure called scaling and root planing.

    There will then be a Dr. exam where I will physically evaluate the condition of your oral health and perform an oral cancer screening. Now we have had the ability to see all the facts and determine a treatment planned that is designed specifically for you and your oral health.


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